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WoW Classic Priest Starter Build and Leveling Guide
Posted On: 08/11/2020 02:39:18

A lot of people may think that "Priest is a healing class, so leveling him up solo must be a nightmare because he certainly lacks offensive capabilities of other Classes". These people couldn't be farther away from reality. In fact, Priest is a strong Classic Leveler and he may not be the fastest, but leveling up to 60 is more of a marathon (for 99% of the player base, at least), and Priest is definitely a great long-distance runner. If we were to choose a word that describes Him the best, it would be "Efficient". Thanks to an unprecedented combination of very strong leveling Talents and great offensive, defensive, and utility spells, Priest can go through levels with incredible efficiency and close to zero downtime.To get more news about WoW Gold Classic, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

To see how strong of a leveler the Priest is, all you have to do is look at the first row of his Discipline and Shadow Talent Trees. What you will see there are two amazing tools - Wand Specialization and Spirit Tap. These two alone allow Priest to preserve and regenerate mana like no other Class in the game while leveling. When we add Power Word: Shield, Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast, Renew, Psychic Scream, and even the humble Smite to the equation, we come up with a steady and almost unstoppable leveling machine. The only things that hold Priest back are his rather slow mob kill times and lack of strong multi-target abilities that would allow him to deal with multiple mobs at once without the efficiency loss.

This guide will aid you and your Priest on your journey to level 60; it will help you choose a Race, present you with an optimal leveling Talent build, point you towards Dungeons and Quests that award worthwhile Wands, provide some tips & tricks, and more.


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