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Top MBA’s in China for International Students
Posted On: 08/11/2020 02:31:42

This article is about the universities in China offering an MBA program. You will learn about these universities as well as the MBA program they offer international students. If you are thinking of applying for an MBA program in China, this article is for you. Read on to find out more about the MBA programs in China.To get more news about MBA college in China, you can visit official website.

Universities Offering MBA in China

Studying for an MBA in China can be an incredible investment. China has world-class universities that offer you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with international experience in the world’s fastest growing economies and the incredibly fascinating Chinese culture. Here we introduce the top MBA programs in China:
An MBA program at CEIBS takes 18 months to complete. It is a full–time program and is taught in English. The MBA program is focused on “developing participants’ leadership, professionalism, sense of social responsibility, cross-cultural competence, and entrepreneurial spirit“. The tuition fee for the whole program is 428,000 RMB ($64,000 USD).

The MBA program offered at CKGSB lasts for 14 months. This is a world class program since resources are combined from China and other leading countries. The university works with more than 30 other leading universities in the world to provide their students with relevant and informative content. The tuition fee for the 14-month program is 409,000 RMB ($61,500 USD).

Peking University – National School of Development

The MBA program is offered in 2 modules, part-time and full-time. The part-time program takes 2 years to complete while the full-time program takes 18 months to complete. Tuition fee for the full-time program is 260,000 RMB ($39,000) while the part-time program costs 290,000 RMB ($43,500 USD).
Peking University – UCL

The MBA program is offered in full-time module and part-time module.The full-time modules takes 16 months to complete while the full-time module takes 28 months to complete. The tuition fee for both the full-time and part-time programs is 310,000 RMB ($47,000 USD).


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