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WoW Classic Priest Starter Build and Leveling Guide
Posted On 08/11/2020 02:39:18

A lot of people may think that "Priest is a healing class, so leveling him up solo must be a nightmare because he certainly lacks offensive capabilities of other Classes". These people couldn't be farther away from reality. In fact, Priest is a strong Classic Leveler and he may not be the fastest, but leveling up to 60 is more of a marathon (for 99% of the player base, at least), and Priest is definitely a great long-distance runner. If we were to choose a word that describes Him the best, it would be "Efficient". Thanks to an unprecedented combination of very strong leveling Talents and great offensive, defensive, and utility spells, Priest can go through levels with incredible efficiency and close to zero downtime.To get more news about WoW Gold Classic, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

To see how strong of a leveler the Priest is, all you have to do is look at the first row of his Discipline and Shadow Talent Trees. What you will see there are two amazing tools - Wand Specialization and Spirit Tap. These two alone allow Priest to preserve and regenerate mana like no other Class in the game while leveling. When we add Power Word: Shield, Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast, Renew, Psychic Scream, and even the humble Smite to the equation, we come up with a steady and almost unstoppable leveling machine. The only things that hold Priest back are his rather slow mob kill times and lack of strong multi-target abilities that would allow him to deal with multiple mobs at once without the efficiency loss.

This guide will aid you and your Priest on your journey to level 60; it will help you choose a Race, present you with an optimal leveling Talent build, point you towards Dungeons and Quests that award worthwhile Wands, provide some tips & tricks, and more.

Top MBA’s in China for International Students
Posted On 08/11/2020 02:31:42

This article is about the universities in China offering an MBA program. You will learn about these universities as well as the MBA program they offer international students. If you are thinking of applying for an MBA program in China, this article is for you. Read on to find out more about the MBA programs in China.To get more news about MBA college in China, you can visit official website.

Universities Offering MBA in China

Studying for an MBA in China can be an incredible investment. China has world-class universities that offer you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with international experience in the world’s fastest growing economies and the incredibly fascinating Chinese culture. Here we introduce the top MBA programs in China:
An MBA program at CEIBS takes 18 months to complete. It is a full–time program and is taught in English. The MBA program is focused on “developing participants’ leadership, professionalism, sense of social responsibility, cross-cultural competence, and entrepreneurial spirit“. The tuition fee for the whole program is 428,000 RMB ($64,000 USD).

The MBA program offered at CKGSB lasts for 14 months. This is a world class program since resources are combined from China and other leading countries. The university works with more than 30 other leading universities in the world to provide their students with relevant and informative content. The tuition fee for the 14-month program is 409,000 RMB ($61,500 USD).

Peking University – National School of Development

The MBA program is offered in 2 modules, part-time and full-time. The part-time program takes 2 years to complete while the full-time program takes 18 months to complete. Tuition fee for the full-time program is 260,000 RMB ($39,000) while the part-time program costs 290,000 RMB ($43,500 USD).
Peking University – UCL

The MBA program is offered in full-time module and part-time module.The full-time modules takes 16 months to complete while the full-time module takes 28 months to complete. The tuition fee for both the full-time and part-time programs is 310,000 RMB ($47,000 USD).

Master Degree in Management
Posted On 08/11/2020 02:19:38

1.Master of Business Administration

International Business is taught in English for non-Chinese spoken students,it intends to create a community of diverse cultural backgrounds, and aims to foster talented students to have an understanding of global business and a deep insight into China’s dynamic changes of enterprise environment as well as China’s history, culture, law, and policy.To get more news about Master in Management China, you can visit official website.
Business administration(Chinese Taught, with 4 specialised tracks-Corporate Management,Accouting, Tourism Management, Technical Economics and Management)
Business Administration aims to foster students with certain business administration background and humanity quality, comprehensive knowledge and capability in systematic grasp of business environment and operation, marketing analysis and plan, technology economy analysis. The students will grow into advanced business administration talents to work in financial companies and institutions and government departments with team building, coordination, and globalized perspective.

2. Management Science and Engineering
Master of Management Science and Engineering aims to cultivate advanced talents with profound modern management theory, computer science and technology and application. The students will grow into specialized talents to undertake the management science and engineering, information management and information system analysis, design, implementation and review in government departments, companies and research institutions.
Program in Economics aims to equip students with the profound theory and analytical skills of modern economics, strong interest in humanity and knowledge, let students learn the economic situation of China and the world, cultivate advanced talents in economic with innovative sense and profound quality in economics.
Based on the rapid development of international and domestic finance, Program in Finance aims to cultivate the advanced level talents to get adapted to the globalized business with high-tech background in the area of finance, insurance and risk investment.

Deadly Skirmish Was Part of a Larger Plan by China
Posted On 08/11/2020 02:12:09

The Indian government believes a deadly skirmish between its military and Chinese troops in an isolated and contested part of the Himalayas portends a broader campaign by Beijing to envelop the South Asian power with its military and economic influence, according to documents obtained by U.S. News.To get more China latest news, you can visit shine news official website.

The recent clash in the Galwan River Valley, where both sides had inserted military forces in support of their own territorial claims, represents a nefarious and protracted effort by Beijing, according to a collection of analysis papers that Indian officials say represent their government's assessment of China's behavior.
The Indian government links the latest encounter in a region it calls Ladakh to what it describes as Beijing's sweeping imperialist designs. Its expansionism "eschews direct military action but resorts to coercive diplomacy by penetrating and undermining sovereignty and economies of many countries," according to one of the documents, which has not been previously published.
Their conclusion is supported by some analysts. And it comes amid U.S. fears that Beijing has successfully exploited the international fallout from the coronavirus pandemic to secure territorial claims along other portions of its border, including in the South China Sea and Hong Kong. The moves have prompted retaliatory measures from the Trump administration that have escalated this week.

At least 20 Indian soldiers perished in the June 15 clash, and American intelligence believes 35 Chinese troops also died. The encounter was marked by vicious hand-to-hand combat in the inhospitable region straddling northern India and southwest China. The circumstances leading to the clash remain not entirely clear, though each country faults the other for building infrastructure, such as encampments or roads, in the strategically consequential mountain region where the borders of India, China and Pakistan meet.

The incident bore some similarities to prior skirmishes between the two countries, including in 2010 and 2014, as well as a brawl between Indian and Chinese forces in a separate part of the contested border in 2017, footage of which the Hong Kong Free Press published that year. Those incidents, though violent at times, ended relatively peacefully and swiftly.

With the latest offensive, India believes Beijing seeks to grab greater control of the mountain regions along China's southwest border – contested territory loosely demarcated by a tentative agreement known as the Line of Actual Control – in an attempt to gain greater accessibility to its partner Pakistan, India's chief rival. A $60 billion deal between the two countries, known as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor – part of China's broader "Belt and Road" infrastructure initiative – would grant Beijing direct access over land to the sea through at least two routes in Pakistan. Beyond expanding China's commercial shipping network, the new routes would also allow Beijing to bypass the Straits of Malacca – a choke point between Malaysia and Indonesia that the U.S. Navy closely patrols with its regional allies and partners.

To create reliable access to those projects in Pakistan, the government in New Delhi believes China must first try to oust Indian troops occupying positions in the contested region and link the Chinese-controlled Aksai Chin area – near the site of the June border skirmish – with the contested Shaksgam Valley region more than 100 miles away toward Pakistan.

China has won control of the South China Sea
Posted On 08/11/2020 01:55:46

Was it a confrontation on the high seas, or just a routine but unplanned interaction between warships sailing in international waters?To get more China breaking news, you can visit shine news official website.

There are varying accounts within defence circles over just how stern a recent encounter in the South China Sea was between the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the People's Liberation Army-Navy (PLA-N).

On Thursday the ABC revealed an Australian Defence Force Joint Task Group had traversed the hotly contested waters last week, en route to the Philippine Sea for training exercises with the US and Japanese navies.

The Defence Department still won't even formally confirm that the five Australian warships interacted with the Chinese military but has insisted that "unplanned interactions with foreign warships throughout the deployment were conducted in a safe and professional manner".

According to one senior official the Chinese were "exceedingly polite" as they reminded the Australians they were coming close to the Spratly Islands which have been heavily fortified by China in recent times.It's by no means the first time the ADF has been challenged by the Chinese in the area, but the encounter comes during a period of escalating security and diplomatic tensions between Australia and its largest economic partner.

Now Australia has dramatically raised the stakes in its already troubled relationship with China by backing the United States in formally declaring Beijing's territorial claims in the South China Sea to be illegal.

In a letter to the United Nations, Australia's permanent mission rejected the Chinese Communist Party's claims to disputed islands in the crucial trading waters, calling them "inconsistent" with international law.

Australian National University International law expert Professor Donald Rothwell believes the move is significant and will prompt a furious response from Beijing.

"I think what will be interesting to see is whether China will take a more assertive position in terms of physically challenging the rights of Australian warships in particular as they pass through the South China Sea," Professor Rothwell tells the ABC.

Richard McGregor, a senior fellow with The Lowy Institute, says the stakes are already high in the strategic and highly militarised corridor.

"You can absolutely be sure that any time Australian ships are in the South China Sea, they will be tracked by the Chinese," he told Radio National on Thursday.

"I don't think confrontation is the right word, but they will be hailed, they'll be asked what they are doing there and [asked] to explain themselves."

China sanctions Rubio
Posted On 08/11/2020 01:36:35

China imposed sanctions on 11 U.S. citizens including legislators on Monday in response to the U.S. imposition of sanctions on 11 Hong Kong and Chinese officials accused of curtailing political freedoms in the former British colony.To get more China news, you can visit shine news official website.

Among those targeted were Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley and Pat Toomey and Representative Chris Smith, as well as individuals at non-profit and rights groups.

“In response to that wrong U.S. behaviour, China has decided to impose sanctions on individuals who have behaved egregiously on Hong Kong-related issues,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a regular press briefing on Monday.

He did not specify what the sanctions entail.Relations between the two countries have deteriorated sharply in recent months over issues ranging from trade, to Hong Kong and China’s handling of the novel coronavirus.

China’s sanctions of the 11 U.S. citizens is the latest in a tit-for-tat round of measures between China and the United States over accusations of rights abuses and interference.The United States on Friday imposed sanctions on Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam as well as the city’s current and former police chiefs, under an executive order signed by President Donald Trump.

Those sanctions freeze any U.S. assets owned by those people and generally bar Americans from doing business with them.

The U.S. lawmakers targeted by China on Monday have been vocal critics of a new national security law that Beijing imposed on Hong Kong in late June, expanding its authority in the financial hub.

Last month, China announced sanctions against Cruz, Rubio, Smith and other U.S. officials after the United States penalized senior Chinese officials over the treatment of Uighur Muslims in its Xinjiang region.

Beijing’s latest measure includes sanctions against the heads of five U.S.-based, non-government organisations - the National Endowment for Democracy, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, the International Republican Institute, Freedom House and Human Rights Watch.

All five groups had been subjected to sanctions in December in connection with their positions on Hong Kong.

Tags: China Sanctions Rubio

Old Mutual to Move Zimbabwe Listing as Currency War Escalates
Posted On 08/04/2020 12:22:32

Old Mutual Ltd. is poised to stop trading its shares on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, the latest step in the governments efforts to bring order to its chaotic foreign-exchange market.To get more news about OlympusFx, you can visit wikifx news official website.
The insurer agreed to move its listing to a new bourse in the country that will only deal in foreign currency, three people with direct knowledge of the matter said. The deal came after talks on Monday between representatives of Old Mutual, the Treasury, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe and the ZSE, the people said, asking not to be identified because negotiations were private.
The government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa has blamed a plunge in the local currency on the 175-year-old insurer‘s share price. Companies were using the so-called Old Mutual Implied Rate to determine the forward value for the Zimbabwean currency by using differences in the dollar values of the company’s securities in London, Johannesburg and Harare.
By eradicating the implied rate, the nation‘s ruling party is seeking to end a multitude of exchange rates used by Zimbabweans to navigate the country’s myriad economic challenges. The government last week set new regulations to compel businesses to use a single exchange rate for pricing goods and services in a bid to tame inflation of 737% in a country battling with shortages of everything from food to fuel.

Tabby Tsengiwe, the Johannesburg-based insurer‘s spokeswoman, didn’t respond to a call or a text message seeking comment. Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube didnt respond to calls for comment.
Another meeting is scheduled for next week to resolve administrative issues and discuss the finer details, the people said.
A surge in Old Mutuals Zimbabwe stock -- which like other shares was being used as a hedge against inflation -- widened the gap between its South African and U.K. securities, causing the OMIR to rise to 122. The Zimbabwe dollar has weakened to 72.1470 per U.S. dollar on a foreign-currency auction system that was introduced after a currency peg of 25 was dropped last month.
Terminating Old Mutual‘s listing paves the way for dealing to resume on the Harare-based ZSE -- which was abruptly halted on June 28 -- once Zimbabwe’s Financial Intelligence Unit has completed a probe into trading on the bourse. It is still unclear when the stock exchange in the resort town of Victoria Falls will begin operating.
Old Mutual, which listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in December 1999, opened its first office in the country in 1902 and offers life, property and casualty cover, asset management, property development and banking services in the country.

Indonesias Direct Financing Is Test Case for Emerging Markets
Posted On 08/04/2020 12:14:05

Bank Indonesias unprecedented move to buy about $27 billion in bonds directly from the government may prove to be an exception rather than the norm in emerging markets.To get more news about OlympusFx, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  With the world economy in crisis and Modern Monetary Theory gaining attention, governments are being pressured to spend more and turn to their central banks to print money to foot the bill. But when it comes to scooping up that debt, most central banks are doing it in the secondary market.
  Sources: Institute of International Finance, using data from Bank for International Settlements, International Monetary Fund, national governments

Three weeks on, currency and bond markets appear to have given Indonesia a pass on its direct financing foray. Analysts say thats because the central bank gave a clear signal that it was a one-time program and officials spearheading the plan, like Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati, are credible.
  “The Indonesia burden-sharing program is a success given it has a clear timeline and framework,” said Jean-Charles Sambor, London-based head of emerging markets fixed income at BNP Paribas Asset Management. “If, however, we start to see a material increase in the size of such programs in emerging markets, it could result in considerable weakness in the currency.”  In many emerging nations, laws forbid the central bank from purchasing debt straight from the government, with several now buying domestic paper in the secondary market instead. Fitch Ratings Ltd. cites the following countries as having taken the latter approach: Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Poland, South Africa, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Chile, Costa Rica and Colombia.
In Argentina, which defaulted on its debt earlier this year, the central bank has transferred 1.3 trillion pesos ($18 billion) to the Treasury since the lockdown was announced on March 19. Cash in circulation has surged, dollar demand is high, and with a massive economic contraction underway, consumer prices are set to rise a staggering 53% over the next 12 months.
  The Bank of Russia came under pressure to help fund a growing budget deficit after the energy exporter was hit by a double blow from the pandemic and slump in global oil demand. However, real interest rates remain positive there, so theres still room to use conventional measures.
  The South African Reserve Bank is resisting calls for deficit financing, arguing it would bankrupt the central bank. And while the Reserve Bank of India hasn‘t bought bonds directly from the government, it’s expanded its balance sheet amid the pandemic by allowing Indian banks to borrow at cheap rates and lend money back to the federal government.
  “There has been a lot of talk of monetary financing, but much less action,” said Elina Ribakova, deputy chief economist at the Washington-based Institute of International Finance.             

Asian Stocks Set for Muted Start; Gold Steadies: Markets Wrap
Posted On 08/04/2020 12:05:31

Asian stocks looked set to for a muted start to trading Tuesday after their U.S. counterparts closed higher on speculation the Federal Reserve will reinforce its dovish message. Gold steadied around an all-time high, while the dollar remained under pressure.To get more news about OlympusFx, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  Investors are betting setbacks in the global fight against coronavirus will push Fed Chairman Jerome Powell to signal Wednesday that rates will stay near zero for longer. Infections slowed in California, Arizona and Florida, though reported numbers are often incomplete on weekends. Health officials around the world are also trying to tackle a renewed increase in cases, with surges from China to Spain and Germany underscoring the difficulty of curbing the pandemic.
  “We expect no change from the Federal Reserve,” Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst, Asia Pacific, at Oanda in Singapore, said. “That will reiterate their ultra-dovish stance.”

  China reported the most domestic coronavirus infections in more than four months as it battles outbreaks in its western and northeastern regions, raising fears of a serious resurgence.

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