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‘Made in China’ label by US riles Hong Kong officials
Posted On 08/17/2020 04:07:58

This city’s leaders have insisted repeatedly that Hong Kong is an “inalienable” part of China.To get more China latest news, you can visit shine news official website.

They’ve banned school students from singing Hong Kong’s protest anthem. They’re implementing patriotic education to force youngsters to love the “motherland.”

A new national security law sets heavy penalties for anyone advocating Hong Kong’s separation from the People’s Republic.

So, after the United States determined that Hong Kong no longer had autonomy under its “one country, two systems” formula, U.S. Customs and Border Protection ruled Tuesday that imports from Hong Kong must be labeled “made in China.”

Those three words sent Hong Kong officials into a collective tailspin.At a media briefing Thursday, a member of Hong Kong’s ruling cabinet delivered a message that, from the mouth of a pro-democracy activist or political opponent, could put them behind bars: The former British colony is not, in fact, China.

Labeling Hong Kong products as “made in China” would be “telling a lie,” said Commerce Secretary Edward Yau Tang-wah. He compared the U.S. measure, which will take effect after a 45-day transition period, with “a Canadian product labeled as U.S.-made, or a Mexican one,” adding that it would cause “chaos” and confuse American consumers.

Coming a month and a half after Beijing’s security law made calling for an independent Hong Kong punishable by life in prison, and just weeks after teenagers were arrested over social media posts advocating just that, the Hong Kong government’s sudden attempt to distance itself from China sparked ridicule online.

“Does Secretary Yau think Canada and Mexico are ‘inalienable parts’ of the U.S.?” asked one Twitter user, while others accused him of having violated the security law.

Some lay charges of doublespeak against the government, pointing to the arrest of a pro-democracy activist in May for distributing masks labeled “Not Made in China,” a claim that officials said could not be made if the products were manufactured in Hong Kong, and therefore violated trade laws.

While Yau argued Hong Kong remains a separate customs territory and member of the World Trade Organization, the U.S. ruling portends trouble for Hong Kong as countries recognize the city’s changed circumstances. In response to the security law, President Donald Trump in July signed an executive order suspending Hong Kong’s preferential economic treatment. Other countries could follow.

But the apparent paradox in Hong Kong’s response is in fact “the original essence of the one country, two systems” formula that guided Hong Kong’s handover from British to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, according to Ma Ngok, an associate professor of local politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Citizens accepted this framework at the time, Ma said, because it promised them a high level of both economic and political autonomy, allowing the historical trading post turned international finance hub to use its unique status to maximum advantage.

US-China trade deal review postponed as China ramps up farm
Posted On 08/17/2020 03:43:35

The United States and China have delayed a review of their Phase 1 trade deal initially slated for Saturday, sources familiar with the plans told Reuters, citing scheduling conflicts and the need to allow time for more Chinese purchases of U.S. exports.To get more China news, you can visit shine news official website.

No new date for the initial six-month compliance review between U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He has been agreed, the sources said.

The officials were expected to hold a videoconference on Saturday, the six-month anniversary of the trade deal’s Feb. 15 entry into force as the coronavirus pandemic began spreading globally.

One source familiar with the talks said the delay was related to a conference of senior Communist Party leaders at the seaside town of Beidaihe on China’s northeast coast. The postponement did not reflect any substantive problem with the trade deal, the source said, adding: “The new date has not been finalized yet.”

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday repeated his view that the trade deal was “doing very well,” but did not comment on the delayed meeting. The White House referred queries on the talks to Lighthizer’s office, which did not respond to a Reuters query about plans for the review.

Another source familiar with the plans said that U.S. officials wanted more time to allow China to increase purchases of U.S. goods agreed in the deal, to improve the political optics of the review.China’s imports of U.S. farm and manufactured goods, energy and services are well behind the pace needed to meet a first-year target increase of $77 billion over 2017 purchases.

But as China’s economy has recovered from a coronavirus lockdown earlier this year, purchases have increased. On Friday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported the sale of 126,000 tonnes of soybeans to China, marking the eighth consecutive weekday with large sales to Chinese buyers.

U.S. oil traders, shipbrokers and Chinese importers also told Reuters that Chinese state-owned oil firms have tentatively booked tankers to carry at least 20 million barrels of U.S. crude for August and September, indicating a ramp-up in energy purchases.

Trump administration officials have signaled that they are satisfied with the pace of purchases in recent weeks and have no plans to abandon the trade deal, which also includes some increased access for U.S. financial services firms in China, strengthened intellectual property protections and removal of some agricultural trade barriers.

Delaying the meeting, even briefly, could allow China to complete more purchases, which would help Lighthizer persuade Trump to stick to the deal.Signs of Chinese compliance could also help blunt criticism from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who last week said the agreement that Trump has called a historic win is “failing.”

“I think Trump is a little afraid that this triumph of his will be hung around his neck, but more purchases and a bit of a delay would clearly help,” said Mary Lovely, a senior fellow with the Peterson Institute for International Economics.“But he does own it, so they’re going to have to put the best face on it,” she said of the Phase 1 deal.

The trade agreement has emerged as a lone source of stability amid significant strain in the U.S.-China relationship over the coronavirus pandemic, human rights crackdowns and U.S. sanctions on Chinese companies and phone apps.

2S Automotive H1 LED Headlight Conversion Kit
Posted On 08/11/2020 08:56:09

Planning to replace your old halogen car headlight while troubling with how to make choice?To get more news about H1 LED headlights, you can visit iengniek official website.
We will solve all your problem at one time.

This new LED car headlight is a high imitation of traditional halogen or xenon lamps, not only the luminous point is placed the same site, but the light chips cover with quartz glass tube to improve light’s beam angle (up to 175 degree). It can provide softer light for incoming traffic, as well as ensures roadway safety.

The another advantage is the temperature control system, designed with Intelligent temperature sensing chip and 6063 aluminum heat dissipation, red copper and silver plate for thermoelectric separation. Its wattage would down to 40% when light is too hot but it would be normal rapidly as it cools down. It can work just like a halogen/xenon lamps bulb but provides full brightness instantly.

3600lm and 6000K color temperature make it a perfect equivalent of 100W halogen lamps. 30W power consumption is about 90% lower than traditional 100W halogens light. Lower power consumption means low gas consumption.

Something you need to know:

H1 car light can be used as either low or high beam, to achieve low or high beam transition, please check your headlight assembly and purchase accordingly.

The light will darken when the temperature is too high and back to normal when it cools down
IP68 waterproof rating is the highest in IP code. It can be safely used in any bad weather.

Here's Why Some LED Headlights Work And Others Just Blind Everybody
Posted On 08/11/2020 08:46:48

LED technology has come a long way in the last five years, and in 2020 there are a bunch of brands selling well-made, well-engineered LED replacements for your car’s old halogen headlight bulbs. Here’s how to figure out which ones to get.To get more news about led headlights, you can visit iengniek official website.

(Full Disclosure: Be careful when modifying your car, especially with anything safety-related, like headlights, as not all aftermarket products are going to be road legal. Do your own research and mod at your own risk!)

The appeal of LED headlight “bulbs” is simple: Increased light output for better nighttime visibility. And lower power draw. And! They make an old car look more modern. But if you buy a pair, it’s critical to understand that more LEDs do not equal better light. In fact, the good LED bulb replacements actually have fewer diodes.

(Just to be clear, we’re talking about aftermarket LED retrofits where you swap halogen headlight bulbs for plug-and-play LEDs and don’t mess with the factory headlight housing otherwise.)


If you’re going to use an LED bulb replacement in a standard reflector headlight housing, you want one with the light chips that install in exactly the same position that a halogen bulb’s filament would be.

LED bulbs with a multi-sided barrage of diodes look like they’d provide more light, but all they really do is blind oncoming traffic.

When you buy the right bulb, make sure it’s installed correctly!


For a long time I was staunchly against LED retrofits and I always advised people to just run high-performance halogen bulbs if they wanted the best lighting in older vehicles with stock reflector light housings.

However, technology has improved since I did my first LED-vs-halogen comparison test in 2015 and so has my understanding of light science. For that, I have to shoutout Chris Nelson at Headlight Revolution. That’s an online headlight bulb store that also has an informative YouTube channel illustrating the finer points of modern headlight mods.I don’t know them personally and have no professional affiliation, but wanted to share this new HR video because it does such a great job showcasing why LED bulb replacements bristling with diodes are actually crap. The ones you want use fewer, more tactically placed, diodes.

TCS Launches Quartz™ Smart Solution to Help Financial Institutions...
Posted On 08/11/2020 08:33:16

TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting, and business solutions organization, announced the launch of its Quartz™ Smart Solution for Crypto Services, a next-gen, digitally powered offering for banks and investment firms to provide secure and seamless cryptocurrency trading to their clientele.To get more news about Gdocloud GDO, you can visit gdocloud official website.

The solution is designed to support multiple cryptocurrencies and stable coins, digital currencies linked to fiat currencies, trading venues and public blockchain networks, thus offering choice and flexibility to customers when deciding their trading and investment strategies. Importantly, it can help banks and investment firms offer their customers the ability to transfer payments in the form of ‘digital cash’, and benefit from lower transaction costs and quicker access to liquidity.

Quartz Smart Solution for Crypto Services comes integrated with a best-in-class hardware security module that enables cryptographic signing of each transaction, thereby ensuring security and authenticity. With state-of-the-art features such as multi-signature wallets with an in-built authorization engine that enables configurable transaction approval policies, blockchain forensic checks, auto reconciliation and compliance alerts, exchange and OTC desk connectivity and audit capabilities, among others, it ensures that a transaction is executed only after proper validation as well as authorization by the user.

“Cryptocurrencies, digital fiat currencies and digital assets are poised to become viable alternate avenues for investments, hedging and portfolio diversification. Progressive financial institutions are looking to provide these options to their clientele. We are excited to offer them our robust, secure and scalable solution for trading, storing and transfer of these assets. We believe Quartz is well ahead of the curve in providing such a solution that allows customers to transact in multiple cryptocurrencies and digital assets, backed by best-in-class security features,” said R Vivekanand, Global Head, Quartz, TCS.

Quartz – the Smart Ledgers™ solution, redefines how organizations can collaborate in an increasingly connected world, and leverage their collective strengths using distributed technology. The suite comprises Smart Solutions, a set of ‘designed for distributed ledger technology’ business offerings for different industries; the Quartz DevKit, a low code smart contract development kit to enable programming of high quality code on multiple technologies; the Quartz Gateway for the integration of existing solutions with varied ecosystems; and, the Quartz Command Center that can administer and monitor entire ecosystems.

Together, these solutions can help organizations set up truly connected ecosystems delivering real-time, efficient transaction processing based on a single source of truth on the ledger. The solutions can coexist with existing systems, support multiple technologies, and facilitate seamless integration with ecosystem participants.Quartz is a startup incubated by TCS, and provides foundational technology, tools and business components for creating distributed ledger solutions across varied industries.

Built on the core principles of Coexistence, Integration and Interoperability, Quartz enables existing systems to coexist and integrate with blockchain platforms and other messaging networks. With data masking, privacy and anonymity--the premise on which the solutions are designed--organizations can focus on enhancing their core competitive strengths in an environment of utmost security.

With Quartz, you can also facilitate the creation of a complete distributed ledger ecosystem for stakeholders in your value chain. Quartz caters to organizations across Industry segments including Financial Services, Banking, Supply Chain, Energy & Utilities and eGovernance.

OTC cloud and other blockchain asset transaction cloud system services
Posted On 08/11/2020 08:25:43

Gdocloud,the industry's leading blockchain technology service provider, mainly provides contract cloud, spot cloud, OTC cloud and other blockchain asset transaction cloud system services.It provides a five-in-one one-stop solution based on a variety of deployments, supported by three standardized trading systems, secure and efficient clearing and risk control systems, support for all devices and highly customizable services.The core team comes from the traditional futures market, Internet giant BAT, the well-known trading platformssuch as Huobi, Binance, and has extensive industry experience and leading technical ability.GDO,we hope to provide battle-tested and low-cost technical services for blockchain practitioners with their own advantages in the industry, promote a healthy development for the better blockchain industry, and work together to create an efficient and beautiful new world for the blockchain industry.So far, the team has received investments from many well-known investment institutions such as JRR Crypto, Jieshi Capital.
GDO provides you with a safe, stable and reliable trading system.
In-Depth Sharing:Deep matching of multi platform orders and sharing of user traffic
Matching System:High performance matchmaking engine, millisecond matchmaking speed
Various Contract Types:Including perpetual contract and term delivery contract
Support for All Devices:iOS、Android、H5、WEB、Windows、Mac
In-Depth Sharing:Deep matching of multi platform orders and sharing of user traffic
Asset Security:Wallet cold and hot isolation
IEO Support:Support for multiple currency forms
Professional transaction:Support policy delegation
Mature supporting services make it easier for you to conduct exchange business,Provide technical services and solutions for nearly a hundred digital asset trading exchange
GDO,the industry's leading blockchain technology service provider, mainly provides contract cloud, spot cloud,Gdocloud GDO
OTC cloud and other blockchain asset transaction cloud system services.It provides a five-in-one one-stop solution based on a variety of deployments, supported by three standardized trading systems, secure and efficient clearing and risk control systems, support for all devices and highly customizable services.The core team comes from the traditional futures market, Internet giant BAT, the well-known trading platformssuch as Huobi, Binance, and has extensive industry experience and leading technical ability.
We hope to provide battle-tested and low-cost technical services for blockchain practitioners with their own advantages in the industry, promote a healthy development for the better blockchain industry, and work together to create an efficient and beautiful new world for the blockchain industry.

So far, the team has received investments from many well-known investment institutions such as JRR Crypto, Jieshi Capital. From:

Merkels Popular Bavarian Ally Rules Out Chancellery Bid
Posted On 08/11/2020 07:40:50

Bavarian Premier Markus Soeder ruled out running to succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor, saying he wants to focus on leading the southern German state despite a surge in his popularity on the national stage.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.

  Soeders standing among voters has been burnished by what is widely perceived as an impressive performance during the coronavirus crisis, and the 53-year-old from Nuremberg is the second-most popular German politician behind Merkel. He is well ahead of other challengers to succeed her when her term ends in the fall of 2021, according to recent polls.

  Soeder heads the Christian Social Union, the Bavarian sister party of Merkel‘s Christian Democratic Union. Traditionally, the CDU has fielded the conservative group’s chancellor candidate, and both times a CSU member ran -- Franz Josef Strauss in 1980 and Edmund Stoiber in 2002 -- they were unsuccessful.

  “There are good reasons why the CSU has never provided the chancellor,” Soeder said in an interview with Bild am Sonntag newspaper. “I will help with all my strength to make sure things go well for Germany but my task is in Bavaria.”

  Soeder reiterated his intention of staying put in comments to broadcaster ARD later on Sunday. Asked directly whether he would rule out running, he said: “My place is in Bavaria and so that is clear.”

  “There was a recent poll in Bavaria in which a majority of Bavarians believed I could do a job like that in Berlin but the same majority wants me to stay in Bavaria,” he added. “And for me thats really a very, very strong indication, a powerful argument. In addition, the CDU always has first rights on nominating a candidate.Possible Merkel successors from the CDU include North Rhine-Westphalia Premier Armin Laschet and former caucus leader Friedrich Merz. Social Democratic Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, who is the vice chancellor in the ruling coalition, and Greens co-leader Robert Habeck, are also in the running for the top job.
[Image: ART637290494704348914_925480.jpg-wikifx_articlepic]
  In a direct vote for chancellor, Soeder would win 41% of the vote, Habeck 20% and Scholz 14%, according to a Forsa poll for RTL/n-tv published Saturday. If Laschet were the conservative candidate, he would get only 19%, compared with 20% for Habeck and 19% for Scholz, the poll showed.

  Soeder told Bild that there is no need for Merkels conservative bloc to rush to select its candidate. The CDU must first choose a new leader at a party meeting in early December after Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer decided to step aside.

  “We‘ll think about the timing of choosing the chancellor candidate after the CDU congress,” Soeder said. “It doesn’t have to be January, it also may not happen until March. A drawn-out election campaign with an active chancellor doesnt make much sense.”

USD on Pace for Its Biggest Loss in the Decade
Posted On 08/11/2020 07:19:53

USD on Pace for Its Biggest Loss in the Decade

USD is experiencing its longest downtrend since 2010, while the consecutive decline recently is the second worst one since April 2011. The future trend of USD is now testing market sentiments.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.

  In terms of GBP/USD, it keeps gaining although GBP is struggling with the lack of progress on post-Brexit trade negotiations with the EU. Meanwhile, USD/JYP makes no advance in the past month, although they both enjoyed yields as safe haven currencies at the beginning.

  USD is the reserve currency which used most heavily in the world. But it is facing a serious systemic problem, that is, how currency stabilization will tend to be in the future. Currently, forex traders should beware of volatility. With more cases of coronavirus confirmed globally, a wider fear may arise from the impact of the epidemic on growth and trade.
WikiFX, a third-party forex broker inquiry platform, has collected the information of 19,000+ forex brokers, 30 regulators, and helped victims recover over 300,000,000.00 USD. WikiFX App provides functions like forex brokers inquiry, calender, forex news express, calculator and other trading tools to help you get trading done with ease.

  Forex brokers inquiry: in order to create a safe forex trading environment, WikiFX offers you two methods of checking the compliance of forex brokers, online checking and offline investigation report. WikiFX has an independent inspection team, conducting on-spot visit to brokers offices to identify they are trustworthy or not.

WoW Classic Beginners Guide - Tips & Tricks included
Posted On 08/11/2020 06:48:03

November 23rd of the year 2004 is remembered as the most important day in the history of the MMORPG genre. On that very day, the World of Warcraft was released, and soon after, millions of players were sucked deep into the dangerous and exciting world of Azeroth. The Game's scale just could not be compared to any other MMO of that time, and the feeling of becoming a part of the world known from the famous Warcraft series just could not be matched by the fledgling competition. World of Warcraft has succeeded in becoming the best known, the most impactful, and the most inspiring game of all time, and its success was not matched by any game released in the following (almost) 15 years.To get more news about Shadowlands WoW Gold, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

For over a decade, many WoW players have dreamed of reliving their Vanilla World of Warcraft adventures. These dreams could be partially fulfilled by playing on private servers, but those were not the "real" thing and a lot of the content featured in them was based on pure guesswork. Abilities didn't work as intended, drop rates were changed, and a lot of "quality of life" changes were implemented, making Private Vanilla WoW servers feel different.

Finally, on the 3rd of November 2017, almost thirteen years after the Vanilla World of Warcraft release, the outcry of the WoW community was finally heard by the Titans (or by Blizzard, but Titans sound way cooler), and the World of Warcraft Classic was announced. Blizzard Entertainment has promised to bring back the REAL Classic WoW experience. This statement raises some questions - What was Classic World of Warcraft really like? Were Horde and Alliance different? Which Classes were the best, and what were the differences between them? Were the Races different from each other? Was questing and leveling more difficult back then? Was the end game content hidden behind the gear walls? Is the Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, really that amazing (well, yes. Yes it is. Of course)? In this Guide, we will do our best to answer those questions, and prepare you for your upcoming Classic World of Warcraft adventure. We will also try to point you out to the Class, the Race, and the Faction that will be the best for you.
Over the years of development and finetuning, a lot of things were changed or flat out deleted from the game, and many, many others were added. The Classic in-game experience will greatly differ from the experience available in the newest WoW patches because of that. However, at least a few quality of life changes will be implemented from the Classic's start, as some tuning down was deemed necessary by Blizzard to not scare players who weren't around during the glorious Vanilla days. To, at least partially, prepare you for the Classic World of Warcraft experience we will describe some of the biggest differences, and point out currently confirmed changes between the upcoming Classic, and the 2004's Vanilla.

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