Urwerk replica UR-105 Bronze Tiger watch
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urwerk replica

Urwerk replica UR-105 Bronze Tiger watch

Brand: Urwerk
Type: Urwerk 105
Model: UR-105 Bronze Tiger
Movement: Automatic
Case material: Bronze
Case size: 53 x 39.5mm x 16.8 mm
Gender: men
Dial Color: Bronze Tiger
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: pin buckle
Bracelet: leather
Glass: Sapphire
Quality: Japanese AAA
Water resistance: Yes
Year: 2018
Functions: Satellite hours; minutes

fake designer watches URWERK presents the EMC: The first high-end mechanical watch with “artificial intelligence”

The first watchmaker to experiment with this idea was Abraham Louis Breguet. His Sympathique clocks and watches consisted of a pocket watch that could be docked to a high precision pendulum clock, which would automatically set the watch and wind it. The Urwerk AMC takes this idea and brings it into the 21st century: the master clock is no longer a high precision pendulum clock with a constant force escapement, but an atomic clock. Let’s take a closer look at how the inspiration of one of watchmaking’s greatest geniuses has been reinterpreted by one of modern watchmaking’ s most innovative companies.

Now is your chance to own a double award-winning EMC Black from our Pre-Owned collection. With black DLC-treated titanium and steel case, and a combination of pure mechanical watchmaking, and an electronic optical sensor, which enables the wearer the ability to gauge the precision of their timepiece’s chronometric performance and fine-tune it to better suit their daily rhythm and pace of life.

I have to admit I have a long-standing soft spot for Urwerk. I dig the mechanics, the design, and the unique wrist presence. With the somewhat more subdued look of the hunter-cased variant of the UR-105 CT, I think the Kryptonite version looks great. With much of the movement hidden by the hood-like hunter cover, the 39.5mm wide UR-105 CT Kryptonite offers the same deco-inspired visual appeal as the original 105 while specifically highlighting the wandering hours display rather, than the whole movement (as you may be used to with many Urwerk models).

Since its inception, Urwerk has always been about pushing the boundaries of what a mechanical watch can be. Founders Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner continue to innovate in terms of both design and mechanics, while always using their solid watchmaking foundation to ground their work in the history of horology. Their latest creation, the UR-111C uses a totally new kind of time display that's a bit of a departure from the orbital satellite system that the brand is best known for. And it's a doozy. On the "front" there are two conical displays - jumping hours on the left and running minutes on the right - and a unique helix-shaped minutes indicator in the center that also has a retrograde function. As if that wasn't enough, there's also a jumping digital seconds display on the top of the watch that uses an array of optical fibers to project the numbers up toward the sapphire crystal window. Like I said, it's a doozy.

Urwerk's watches are tough to appreciate without seeing them in the metal, but even from the images here and the brief descriptions Urwerk sent over, I'm really impressed here. This watch is completely excessive in its pursuit of doing things in different, surprising ways, and the various indicators are constructed to an extremely high level, in terms of both precision and craftsmanship.

In addition to the new ways of showing the time, Urwerk wanted to give wearers a new way to interface with the watch. You'll notice that there's no traditional crown to speak of. Instead, there are a pair of mechanisms for winding the setting the watch. For the former, you use the cylindrical roller that's set into the top of the case, just below that jumping seconds display. Now, to set the watch, there's a lever that pops out of the right side of the case that can then be used to turn things forward or backward. This is definitely a watch that's all about doing things differently and if you're looking for something genuinely unique, the UR-111C looks like a heck of an interesting option. urwerk ur-110 replica

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