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How To Write A Good Cover Letter

Learning how to write a good cover letter should not be intimidating. In fact it should be a fun way for you to explore your creative talents. You might even learn a bit about yourself you might have not realized previously. The first thing to keep in mind is the purpose of a cover letter. The purpose of a good cover letter and how to write a good cover letter is to get you noticed by the person doing the hiring. First try to search some cover letter samples in Google to know what you are dealing with. Second try to understand first the mentality of the hiring manager. They will consider taking a closer look at you if they feel you are the right person for the job. First they want to hire someone that will make their company money. Or if not make their company money then save them some money.

How To Write A Good Cover Letter

Many companies measure an employee’s worth by how much they are actually saving the company by working for them. Here is an example about an administrator who loves to shop. She is so knowledgeable at effective shopping she was put in charge of ordering supplies for the branch office of the company. Because she was so good at finding the best deals she bought more supplies for the company as they needed them but spent $12,000 less than the previous year. To a company, that is some serious worth.

Learning how to write a good cover letter is not as technical as a resume. It allows you to add a bit of personal flare that was not allowed in the resume. Typically the cover letter is read before and accompanies the resume. In most cases your cover letter is a chance to catch that employer’s attention so that your resume will get a harder looking at. Design different copies of your cover letter to tailor specifically to a specific company or job title.

Cover Letter Writing

At the top include your name and contact information. This would include your physical address, email address and a phone number or two that you can be reached at. Next put down the employer’s information. A specific hiring manager’s name if you have it, if not a simple sir or madam will suffice then put the company’s name and address underneath in much of the same manner you did for your own information. Learning how to write a good cover letter is keeping one thing in mind. Get someone to read the first sentence. The first sentence should get them to read the second sentence.

How To Write A Good Cover Letter – Conclusion

In the main body of your cover letter you are going to want as much useful pertinent information as possible. In your opening state why you are writing the cover letter to that specific company. Explain how you learned of the position and why you are applying for it.
The second paragraph is a chance for you to explain in further detail what is included in your resume. Tell the employer why you would be suited for the job, include related skills and background.
In the third paragraph emphasize that you would love to sit down and discuss in further detail what you can do for the employer. In other words, tell them you would love an interview. If you intend on following up, which you should, include this in the last paragraph as well and be sure to include how and when. Sincerely thank them for their time and consideration then type or sign your name.
Learning how to write a good cover letter is more about learning how to sell yourself and abilities.

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