most of the needs of the survivors
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Efforts to rebuild remote and mountainous Yushu after the deadly April 14 earthquake should fit local disaster-prone conditions so as to avoid wasting money and resources, experts warned Monday. Meanwhile, a senior official urged that sufficient funding was vital to reconstruction, as chal-lenges such as limited transportation routes and fragile power supplies persisted. As the death toll from the 7.1-magnitude earthquake, which almost flattened Yushu Prefecture in Qinghai Province, reached 2,220 Sunday, with 70 people still missing, officials vowed an "organized and scientific" arrangement for some 200,000 quake-stricken residents. Zhang Guangrong, vice governor of Qinghai, said Monday that severe climatic conditions, the high cost of construction materials, and weak wow power leveling transportation capacity made it difficult for the provincial government to carry out reconstruction and resettlement. The remote area has only two national highways. Thin air and freezing temperatures due to the altitude are also blamed for impeding rescue efforts. "Furthermore, winter in Yushu lasts wow power leveling about 8 months a year, which means we have limited construction time. Take three years for example, that's still only 14 to 15 months that are suitable for construction work," Zhang said. Funding would be the key to easing challenges, Zhang, who flew to the quake-devastated area April 15, said at a news conference Monday in Beijing. But he could not specify how much funding the quake-hit area needs, as the losses incurred by the quake are still being assessed. "As of 5 pm Sunday, we have received donations totaling 3.5 billion yuan in cash, plus relief materials valued at 4 billion yuan," Zhang told reporters. Donations from around the world are still streaming in, and the central government has arranged a 500-million-yuan ($73 million) age of conan power leveling, emergency fund for disaster relief work as well. "The government will publish how much age of conan power leveling money will be needed for the reconstruction after the disaster assessment survey is completed in the near future," Zhang said. Strengthened supervision of the relief fund and materials in Yushu has been called for to prevent dereliction of duty and embezzlement after media reported that the national audit office detected 300 million yuan in aid money was misused after the Wenchuan quake in May 2008. Li Jingguo, a researcher at the Urban Development and Environmental Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), told the Global Times that reconstruction of the quake-hit area should be consistent with the local conditions. He said Yushu aoc gold, is a region prone to natural disasters and climate change and post -quake reconstruction must be adapted to the local ecological conditions. Saturday marked the last day that rescuers would aoc gold dig through rubble in attempts to find survivors buried alive. The provincial government has already started reconstruction work by clearing away the debris of collapsed buildings, reopening schools and repairing damaged infrastructure in Yushu. Chen Xuanjian was one of more than 800 soldiers from Gansu heading to Yushu for reconstruction work. "We are clearing up streets, and collecting wood and bricks for reconstruction purposes," he told China National Radio. To support wow gold, Yushu's rebuilding work, domestic aid, including tents and medical supplies, has been rushed to Yushu to shelter those left homeless. About 12,600 people in 34 teams nationwide took part in the rescue efforts wow gold, and a total of 59,093 tents and 207,959 quilts had been distributed to survivors in the quake zone by Sunday, the vice governor said. The goods and materials met most of the needs of the survivors, Zhang said. Li Kai, a spokesman of the Artillery Brigade of Lanzhou Military Command, in charge of transporting supplies from Xining, capital of Qinghai Province, to Yushu, said that the urgent task is transporting as many mobile plank houses as possible to the quake-hit area so that more students could resume classes. "The major road that maple story mesos, links Xining and Yushu is already clogged with too much traffic carrying relief supplies to Yushu," he told the Global Times. He said solar batteries are among the badly needed maple story mesos supplies for reconstruction work to begin. Environmental concerns The vice governor said the reconstruction framework plan was to turn quake-devastated Gyegu town into "a plateau ecological tourist city." The Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu is at the headwaters of three major Chinese rivers, namely the Yellow, Yangtze and the Lancang, and is also referred to as "Sanjiangyuan" in Chinese. To protect the ecological environment of Yushu, the Qinghai government has no plan to build concrete and brick factories in Yushu to support the reconstruction, Zhang said. Sheng Guoyao, an expert specializing in urban development for the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at CASS, said that it is reasonable to position wow power leveling, the new Yushu as an eco-tourism city because the tough local geological conditions restrict it from developing industries, agriculture and animal husbandry on a large scale. Han Buxin, a researcher with the Institute of Psychology wow power leveling at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the Global Times that providing psychological support and counseling to the quake survivors is as important as material reconstruction. "What survivors are experiencing now is beyond the imagination of any one of us who has never had a similar personal experience," he said. Han also called for respect for local customs and religion during the reconstruction. "A new Yushu is still the inhabitants' home rather than a strange tourist city," the researcher said.


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