Sports Crop or Sports Bra. Which is Better?
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I apologise in advance if this post from personalized heart photo necklace turns into a rant. But it is an issue that makes my blood boil (maybe a bit of a harsh description!). It is the debate of customize sports bras or sports crop, which one should you wear. The quick answer is ‘it depends’. Celebrating the Chinese New Year Holidays!! 15% off sitewide (No discount code, add to cart to see discounted price), Activity Date: 2022.1.24- 2022.2.7. (Holiday Time: Jan. 28th - Feb. 6th). Free shipping from $0! 100% satisfaction guarantee! We deliver duty and VAT free!

Sports Crops
Firstly, what is a sports crop? Quite simply, a sports crop is a bra that doesn’t have a noted cup size. They are sized according to band only. Small, medium, large, etc. Or 10, 12, 14 etc.

They are most commonly designed to fit A-D cup breasts. And therein lies the problem when it comes to high impact sports like running. The difference between an A and D cup is some 10cm! As such a bra that is designed to fit this range is not going to hold your breasts completely securely.

This may not be a problem for A or B cups as their smaller breasts do not bounce as much as a C or D cup. Bigger breasts are heavier and bounce more. Physics 101, what goes up must come down and the purpose of your sports crop is to stop that bounce.

So, if you see a sports crop advertised as a high impact running bra. Stop and ask yourself the following question: Will this support my ‘insert cup size here’ boobs. I would only be answering yes as an A or B cup and with caveats. How far will you be running? How fast will you be running? Further and faster = more bounce!

Sports crops do have their place. Gym – yes. Yoga class – yes. Bike riding – yes. At the end of the day, it is all about the intensity of the activity. Sports crop tops are perfect for less intense activities and the support they offer depends on your cup size.

Sports Bras
Next up custom sports bra. So, what is a sports bra? Unlike sports crop a sports bra is sized with both a back and a cup size. You may be familiar with 12D, 16FF or even 28E. All have a back and cup size designed to accurately fit that size.

The key here is ‘accurately fit’. Sports bras are designed to snugly fit their nominated size. No cup ‘range’. As such, they are more supportive as the breasts are held more securely.

As a rule of thumb high impact sports bras are perfect for high intensity sports like running. Once again with caveats. It must fit you well and be comfortable. No point wearing a high impact sports bra if it is the wrong size and is uncomfortable.

Sports bras also fill a much greater size range. You would be lucky to find a sports crop bigger than an 18 back and a select few fit a DD or E cup but they are rare. Sports bras rock the size range. 6 to 28 back and A to K cup and a huge number of combinations in between. So, if you are outside the so called ‘normal’ size range or simply want the best in breast support then a sports bra is the perfect answer for you.

Final Thoughts
You should now be able to make an educated choice between a sports crop or sports bra. If you fall outside the so called ‘normal’ size range it is sports bras all the way. Otherwise, it comes down to exercise intent. Lower impact exercise + smaller cup size and a crop may be fine. Higher impact exercise + larger cup size and a sports bra may be best for you.

At the end of the day, it is what you feel most comfortable and supported in. If you are a 10C and love the gym, then a sports crop may be perfect for you. If you are a 14D and love running, then I would seriously consider a sports bra.

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