How To Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Hoodie?
Posted On 10/11/2021 15:52:35 by johnliang

Louis Vuitton Hoodie certification:
1. Printing method
This can be considered the most important step, because printing can determine the success or failure of a hoodie.

The printing on the right is more asymmetrical, the symbols are thicker and larger, and the clarity is lower. On the other hand, the original print is clearer, clearer, and more detailed, and the fake Louis Vuitton Hoodies should have the same appearance.
2. Font law
It’s no secret that counterfeit brands almost always cannot copy fonts.

In this case, the letters on the genuine sweatshirt are thin and narrow, using light yellow, while the fake Louis Vuitton Hoodies font is thicker, bolder, and orange, making the font look very different.

The material of the original label is grain-free and smooth, but the quality of the counterfeit is much lower.
3. An inside-out approach
Some people may think that looking at sweaters from the inside out is useless, but remember that we need to obtain as much detailed information as possible in order for our identity verification process to succeed.

The difference between the two pictures is huge: the symbols on the authentic sweater look like what the original pirated print should look like, while the knit pattern of the fake Louis Vuitton Hoodie is completely absent. These symbols are smaller, have different shapes, and are not what they should be.
4. Knitting pattern method
The fake knitted pattern is different from the original appearance because when it should have the same shadow as the genuine symbol, the symbol is made thicker with a darker line.

In addition to different knitting patterns, the counterfeit brand also decided to make it bigger, so that we can find fake Louis Vuitton Hoodies more easily.
5. Washing labeling method
Check the washing label. If we compare these two pictures, we will notice the smoothness of the original label and the graininess and low quality of the fake label in the correct picture, but this is not the only difference.

The text on the fake label is also faded, smaller and thinner than expected.

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