Old School Runescape Gold: How to get Fire Cape
Posted On 10/28/2020 21:47:23 by Tonyfirst

The Fire Cape is among the most sought-after pieces of Old School RuneScape. To get this coveted cape, players will likely need to defeat the legendary boss called Jad.

Before you take with this task, always gather your OSRS Gold to strike the levels required to overcome the oncoming waves of enemies.

Jad, along with the waves of enemies, is going to be waiting for you inside the Tz-Haar Fight Caves. The area you should reach is Karamja, which exists by using a charged Amulet of Glory. Once you reach the Bradenton area, you may head left to discover a volcano. There you will discover a rope leading downwards, so head down it to succeed in the depths of the volcano. Once you find the cave entrance, you are able to then head west unless you come on the bank, which can serve as the Fight Caves' entrance.

Be conscious of you should make ample preparations before heading to your Fight Caves. Make sure you have at the very least 70 Ranged and a minimum of 45 Prayer and Defence before attempting this quest. Since you are with a high level of Ranged due to this, pack at the least two Ranging Potions. Also, I would recommend you adopt around 20 Super-Restore Potions. Saradomin brews and Purple Sweets could also come in handy. Once you might have battled on your path through several waves of enemies, you may then have the possibility to face served by Jad. This boss includes a lethal mixture of Magic and Ranged attacks, which could prove to be devastating in the event you aren't careful. Thankfully, there are many cues which you'll be able to look for to prevent the full brunt of those attacks.

If you are lucky enough to defeat Jad, you will get the rare Fire Cape. Just like the sentence at the beginning of the article, before the mission begins, please be sure to Buy OSRS Gold medals to improve your skills and combat level. Otherwise, everything will be useless.

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