Can activated carbon really benefit your skin?
Posted On 07/30/2020 05:09:25 by dingxinda9

Activated carbon, usually made from bamboo or coconut shells, has incredible detoxification capacity and is therefore used as a food and skin care ingredient. What makes it "activated" and different from any old burned thing is its negative charge. This means that it is easy to bond to positively charged ions, and because it cannot be digested, it will grab these ions and take them out of the body. In some cases, activated carbon can be used as a substitute for gastric lavage.


Activated carbon has the ability to bind to a variety of compounds, including toxins, drugs, and nutrients. Activated carbon is odorless and cannot be absorbed by human body. It binds to unabsorbed compounds through the digestive tract. In fact, activated carbon is often prescribed at the poison control center instead of stomach pumping. With this information in mind, it also forms the basis of the reason why the skin benefits will come from the ingestion of activated carbon.


Charcoal can effectively combine toxins, drugs, alcohol and bacteria, while in your system, they reach your blood. Removing sources that can cause inflammation, dehydration and aging can affect your skin and protect it from the effects of a healthy, transparent glow. In theory, taking some activated carbon after a night's drinking will reduce skin damage by combining unabsorbed alcohol, which is not absorbed until it enters the bloodstream. Alcohol can darken and dehydrate skin, and sugar in mixed drinks or white wine can cause more inflammation.


If you eat charcoal in fashion food, activated carbon is completely safe. Restaurants use far less doses, mainly to achieve the desired color effect. But for supplements, you should definitely consult your doctor, as activated carbon can make your medicine ineffective by detoxifying it from the system. Activated carbon can combine a variety of compounds, including nutrients and drugs, so it is important not to eat more than once a week.


If you are prone to acne or oily skin, then activated carbon is an amazing ingredient. It helps to reduce excess oil without roughening or drying the skin. Charcoal combines with tiny impurities in the skin, such as dirt, bacteria, and grease, to clean the pores and remove the debris that causes inflammation. Moreover, because of its tough texture, it can remove cutin from the skin very well. If you need columnar activated carbon, you can contact the activated carbon factory.

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