Jacob & Co Epic X Chrono Black Titanium EC311.21.SB.RB.A Replica watch
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Earlier this year, Swiss watch brand Jacob (Jacob & Co.) announced its relationship with the famous super football star Leo Messi, and even launched the first watch made in collaboration with Messi: Epic X Chrono Messi watch. Now, to commemorate this partnership, the brand launched two new models in the series, Jacob & Co Epic X Chrono Luis Figo

Messi won the Spanish Football League nine times, also won the Olympic gold medal, and won more than ten other championship titles and victories. Therefore, Jacob & Co., the founder of Jacob & Co., hopes to create a truly special timepiece that will look and feel when the two parties establish a three-year watch partnership Make every effort on the technical function.

Each Epic X Chrono Messi watch has a diameter of 47 mm and is equipped with an exclusive self-winding Jacob & Co. JCAA05 skeleton cylindrical wheel dual coaxial chronograph (meaning it has two counters). The movement is composed of 260 parts, 27 jewels, and provides a 48-hour power reserve

These watches naturally also mark Messi's "10" number on the dramatic blue dial with a stylized "M" at 6 o'clock on the dial. The blue sapphire crystal back cover also bears the signature of Messi. This watch is very suitable for football stars like Messi. Because of the shockproof system, it has shockproof function and is waterproof to 200 meters. The combination of blue dial and white color reflects the national flag of Messi's motherland-Argentina.Chopard MILLE MIGLIA GTS POWER CONTROL GRIGIO SPECIALE

The initial version is made of grade 5 titanium, with a white ceramic bezel and buttons, and a red rubber crown for chronograph functions. The case alone includes 61 parts.

Now, Jacob & Co. adds the Epic X Chrono rose gold version to the collection, which features an 18-carat 5N rose gold and titanium case, as well as gold buttons with white rubber and a white rubber crown.

In addition, the brand also released the Epic X Chrono Baguette watch. The case is refined in 18 carats of white gold and titanium, and is carefully set with 36 baguette-cut diamonds weighing 4.55 carats. It has white ceramic pushers and blue rubber corners, and a red rubber crown.

Jacob & Co Epic X Chrono Luis Figo Limited Edition EC311.42.PD.BF.A Replica watch

Watch Brand: Jacob & Co Watch Replica

Watch Range: Epic X Chrono Luis Figo Limited Edition

Watch Model: EC311.42.PD.BF.A

Movement: Self-Winding

Size: 47 mm

Gender: Men

Case material: Rose Gold and Titanium,Black Ceramic

Crystal: Sapphire


Dial Color: Black

Strap: leather

Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds

Case Shape: Round

Buckle: Folding buckle

Water resistance: 200 m


Temposatis and Jacob & Co bring extraordinary creativity, design, art and uniqueness to Alta Relojería in Mexico

Temposatis displays the latest works of Jacob & Co at the Fine Watch Exhibition in Mexico.replica Richard Mille RM 67 watches

The Jacob & Co series that Temposatis brought into the national territory includes astronomers, millionaires and special editions such as the godfather opera of Lois Figo and Epic X Chrono.

Mexico City, October 4, 2018-Temposatis, a leader in the fine watchmaking industry in Mexico, has collaborated with the Swiss watchmaking company Jacob & Co. The company has attracted celebrities through the chronograph and is fascinated by the fashion industry. They bring to our country The creativity, luxury and design of the latest timepieces.

Temposatis Marketing Director Iñaki Paz pointed out: "The launch of the partnership with Jacobs is a watershed in the history of the Mexican watch industry because the company's design, creativity and vision have transformed into a way to think about time globally."

Jacob Arabo, the founder and chairman of Jacob & Co, has been designing watches since 2002, and since then his design has become a symbol of success. His vision has always been carefully crafted through the most exquisite and unique gemstones and the most advanced technology in advanced watchmaking technology to achieve the most original works.breitling premier replica

Jacob & Co, breaking the history of advanced watchmaking to create history
In 1986, Jacob Arab firmly believed that the pioneering spirit of boldness, luxury and original design became a symbol of high-level watchmaking, and by creating the Jacob & Co. seal, the watchmaking industry went beyond tradition. The main ones are innovation, independence, excellence, freedom, quality, vitality and boldness.

From 2002 to 2006, Jacob & Co first launched unique watches such as five time zones and Quentin. This is the first watch with a 31-day power reserve and vertical tourbillon. In 2012, the brand's corporate office was established in Genoa, and between 2013 and 2014, Epic SF24 and other watches with mechanical alphanumeric vertical displays were launched. This is the first complex and complex three-axis astronomical gravitation tourbillon watch. In three ways.

In the next few years, it has two unique new features in the world: Billionaire replica watches for sale with 260 record-setting white diamonds, and Twin Turbo watches with two three-axis combined tourbillons. The astronomical sky was also launched in 2016.

Jacob & Co continues to break through the advanced watchmaking paradigm, and since 2017, it has released unique works, such as the Epic X Chrono series, the Opera Godfather special edition, two new models of the Astronomia series, the new Millionare Yellow Diamonds and the new twin-turbo rage . The most outstanding watches in these collections celebrate the arrival of seals in Mexico.

Astronomy, beyond time and space
The uniqueness of the astronomy collection is that it raises the art of timepieces above time and space. The astronomy series combines the highest level of watchmaking decoration technology in Switzerland with the most advanced craftsmanship, combining the elements of the chronograph into a unique work.

Astronomical gravitational three-axis tourbillon is one of the most creative and original designs in advanced watchmaking. A 288-sided diamond imitates the moon's movement around a hand-painted titanium earth, and its three tourbillon provides unparalleled accuracy. Ingenious arrangement of the timer. On the dial, a celestial background of 324 tiny diamonds simulates the sky, and other elements of this multi-axis are fascinating fake watches

Solar astronomy has a 1.5 carat citrine and 288 facets at the center of its system, the other axes of the device rotate around it, a hand-carved globe, a double tourbillon, which can provide extremely high accuracy and a The crystal dial has sapphires in metallic rose gold, and they surround the semi-precious stones that mimic the planets of the solar system.

The Master Astronomy is a chronograph with two hemispherical diamonds forming a date and moon phase display and rotating on one of the four axes of a complex structure. The hand-painted magnesium earth is the opposite of the hand-painted magnesium astronaut, which works like a gravitational triple tourbillon.

Millionaire, Diamond Lovers Series
The millionaire yellow diamond is a refined work of Jacobs. It features a baguette made of 54 emerald-cut yellow diamonds, bringing the taste of diamonds to a new level. The floating tourbillon guarantees its accuracy and adds elegance to the entire timing device.Porsche Design 1919 UTC replica watches

The special edition of "The Godfather Opera" by Jacob & Co is a powerful musical clock commemorating Vito Corleone, "The Godfather", a masterpiece of Francis Ford Coppola created by Marlon Brando in 1972 inspired by the novel of Mario Puzo Played in. This master watchmaking masterpiece has a triple tourbillon and a music box, reproducing the theme of the movie.

Another special edition is the Epic X Chrono watch of Spanish football star Luis Figo, one of the major ambassadors of Jacob & Co. This outstanding watch has the champion's signature printed on the case to commemorate Figo's style and elegance. Of the more than 260 components of its fine machinery, at least 27 are rubies. In addition to making the machine delicate, it also makes it more precise.

About Jacob & Co


With a history of more than 25 years, Jacob & Co has created revolutionary timepieces and fine jewelry that satisfy private customers, interested watchmakers and famous celebrities, and are recognized as well-respected global luxury brands.replica Greubel Forsey Watches

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