HYT Skull Green Eye Black DLC Titanium 2015 151-TD-41-GF-AB replica watch
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Limited edition HYT Skull Vida watch with dial made of rare woolly Ma Ma ivory

Together with L'Epée 1839 and Fiona Krüger, HYT is in a leading position in the design and manufacture of skeleton watches. richard mille skull.The trio produced highly sought-after watches, and high-end watch collectors happily paid a lot of effort to buy them. We, or more precisely, HYT has a new timepiece that has already attracted widespread attention in the luxury watchmaking world. This watch called HYT Skull Vida has a unique dial and its case is made of extinct Siberian wool mammoth ivory.

The striking off-white dial attracts all attention, although no one has accused of skipping other highly technical details. Carving rare ivory mm ivory is a time-consuming job, but superb craftsmen can do it. After a few months of stabilization of ivory, engravers and other talents began to work. The craftsmen must be very careful with their teeth, there are no furry mammoths to replace, and the decision to use them for watches has caused enough controversy.

The plight of extinct wool mammals and other endangered species has not disappeared on HYT. They hope that the Skeleton Vida wearer will stop and think, just like a cardigan, our time on Earth is also limited. The expression of the skull highlights this fact. Unlike other replica watches luxury in the Skull series, this Vida has round eyes, giving a sad appearance. Two alloy bellows at 6 o'clock make it look like a pharaoh.

Just like other HYT watches, this is a big watch. To wear it, you must have a very thick wrist-the size is 51 mm wide and almost 18 mm thick. The large case is made of DLC and titanium, with brushed and micro-blasted. Thanks to its large screw-in, rubber-coated crown and screw-in sapphire bottom cover, it is water-resistant up to 50 meters. Large hour markers are located on the bezel. Like other HYT watches, skull-shaped thin capillaries can be used as hour and minute hands. Test tubes filled with black and transparent liquids can help you read time-by observing the position of the black liquid level relative to the frame.

Skull Vida's entire system is managed by a self-made manual winding mechanical movement. It provides a 65-hour power reserve and beats at 28,800vph. The movement decoration can be seen from the sapphire crystal bottom cover, including the hand-chamfered bridge and the Geneva wave pattern.

Another very cool item of HYT skull Watches Vida is its gorgeous embroidered cream fabric strap with black DLC titanium buckle.

Luxury watches: the dark side of the HYT Skull Vida watch

Luxury watches: the dark side of the HYT Skull Vida watch-seeing Indiana Jones return to the world, this is a secret of excitement throughout the world. To the best of our knowledge, he will return to the big screen in just three years with the same formula of success (Spierberg and Ford), we just want to know .. In addition to this attractive timepiece, he can wear On your wrist? If you ask us, this stunning watch is another wonderful version of the high-end Swiss watchmaker HYT, which is very suitable for famous people.

Known as the HYT Skull Vida watch, it is your latest charming watch from the HYT Skull series. It shows an incredible dial, which is carved from wool and mammoth ivory. Starter of conversation. Combined with a 50mm black DLC titanium case, it can withstand water depths of up to 50 meters, and a high-tech HYT movement that can manipulate liquids. This watch looks very cool.

The striking dial displays the brand ’s iconic skull, this time hand-made with ivory obtained from Siberian wool mammoths-of course, this is the company ’s controversial decision. But according to HYT, ivory is considered a king. It must go through several months of stabilization before it can be processed by the company's main craftsmen.replica watches for sale

This is why HYT Skull Vida watches can easily become one of the company's most interesting watches, and historians and paleontologists may be annoyed by the value of the dial. Exclusive Skull Vida with beige embroidered strap and black DLC titanium buckle.

HYT SKULL 48.8, unimpeded

HYT launched Skull 48.8, which constantly evokes the importance of enjoying every moment. This watch overcomes the law of gravity and can indicate the passage of time through liquid. Cutting-edge technology is inspired by philosophy to reflect the inherent mobility of time. It uses liquid to highlight the passage of time and focuses on the power of the moment, which is an indispensable panacea in life. The model follows Carpe Diem's ​​philosophy as if it were just another component of the decorative painting, harmoniously attracting people who observe it.

This stage of time lapse is like a skull, which is brought to life through the patented fluid module and unique mechanical movement. The colored liquid symbolizes the reflection of the past, and the transparent color symbolizes the time that is about to pass. The 48.8 spherical eyes of the skull try to inspire curiosity to reflect on how they use their time. Hidden behind the right eye is a dark rotating disc that gradually fades into a faint shadow to represent every second of precious time. The important power of time plays an important role, so the count of minutes will go backwards, so there is no need to add a corresponding pointer.B.R.M V12-44 Italia replica watch

Today, HYT is an ecosystem that combines science, high technology, philosophy, art and design. Headquartered in Neuchâtel (Neuchâtel), the city is located in the center of the region of the same name and has a long tradition of watchmaking. A dedicated team of 43 people converts liquid time to real time. Its innovative watch harmoniously combines mechanical watch movements, which can trigger liquid pulses.

HYT Skeleton Pocket Watch Review

We know the long history of pocket watches and their meaning in ancient times. Wealth, social status, and even fashion expertise can be measured by pocket watches carried by men, and pocket watches usually seize every opportunity to check the time, even when it is completely unnecessary, just to show off their luxury watches. We do n’t blame them-pocket watches were considered exquisite accessories and ornaments in the past.

The rise of pocket watches may reduce the production of pocket watches, but today, hundreds of years later, the design and appearance of pocket watches are still missed by many people. We see that top luxury brands will release pocket watches from time to time to maintain the tradition of watches. Even relatively new brands, such as HYT, have ventured into making their own pocket watches, and recently released HYT Skull pocket watches.Zenith Pilot replica Watches

Five years after the launch of the HYT brand, it displayed its first pocket watch. This is a bold attempt by modern watchmakers, combining past design with future technology, and even integrating technology into ordinary and simple pocket watches that most of us are used to.

Although HYT has successfully integrated the design of the HYT Skeleton Pocket Watch into the past and the future, we cannot fully say that it is an innovative product, because most other HYT watches contain the skeleton design and certain functions of the watch. Similarly, not everyone is happy that their timepiece is equipped with time scales. Many of them unexpectedly gave up the timepiece, just to shorten the precise time to seconds.

HYT Skull pocket watches are easy to show off, mainly because of their eye-catching titanium case and the brand's liquid-based chronograph technology. The Hunter's case, which contains all the coolness, is sturdy and masculine, which is the perfect embodiment of the internal technical surprise. The function of the watch also includes the mechanical lamp with automatic power supply, and the amazing time display mode. The vein along the outline of the skull is the central detail of the timepiece, which contains a green liquid that indicates the time passing a large number of numbers printed around. Is n’t that the coolest way to see the time? replica Ulysse Nardin Watches

Technical index
Case: titanium with leather
Case size: diameter: 59 mm; height: 20.6 mm
Function: Green liquid retrograde hour indicator
Movement: mechanical (manual winding)
Dial: Unstructured
Strap: chain strap with rotating buckle
Power reserve: 65h


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