Stress Management for an Online Student
Posted On 12/02/2019 08:13:46 by tombailey

It is not a secret that taking an online college study is stressful. On top of meeting academic needs, paying the fee and balancing various adult responsibilities one might also worry whether earning a degree is really worth the shot. Several online students are intimidated by the diversity in virtual delivery, age (most of them have been out of school for a long time) and technology. The most effective way to handle the mentioned stress is by getting a social support, exercising and meditation. This pre written essay totally describes this issue.

Realizing that stress is normal has really acted as a good motivator. Actually, I get motivated to work harder in order to meet the academic achievements. Accepting that I have to meet the responsibilities helps me stay focused. I have also learnt to reduce the expenses and commitments in most areas of my life. I attend part-time studies instead of full time, in order to create some time to lessen my financial strain. I am trying to take advantage of low-cost services that are offered by the college facilitate in reducing my financial burden. Lastly, I engage in technology advancement exposure, in order to ease my online studies, considering that technology constantly changes in the modern world.

Balancing job and academic responsibilities stands out as the main stressful aspect for online students. It is because many students are adults who are trying to keep up with the academic challenges that are there in the job market; they are trying to carry out their daily job requirements. Students lack enough time to finish their assignments, and humble to carry out personal studies. Additionally, most of them have families which require their attention. It becomes difficult to have a social life and achieve the stipulated academic, finance and family responsibilities. The best advice that I would give to such students is to ensure that they minimize their responsibilities and expectation. They should create enough time for each responsibility and observe a clear routine for each task.


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