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Trade PoE Currency for master craftsmanship
Posted On 11/26/2019 00:29:09 by Editorstov

In fact, there are three ways to obtain multiple master craftsmanship. The first and simplest way is to purchase Poe Trade. It is actually easy to buy well.

The second is that some leagues will drop items with multiple master craftsmanship.

The third is to do it yourself, first collecting the fragments of the pale council. You can get it through Prophecy Challenger Trophy.

If the picture is convenient, you can directly get 4 pieces in the auction house... Read More

Best way to make currency: opens 3 halo
Posted On 11/24/2019 21:46:43 by Kemillco

Opens 3 halo methods as follows:
Reduce mana Den Small Rock + reduce consum... Read More

Choose PoE Noble to farm PoE Currency
Posted On 11/24/2019 01:36:25 by DollWeird

Normally, Poe Noble is the ideal character for farming Poe currency. Here are the tactics:
Advanced 1.5% Vampire+1% Crit
Pledge of Hands Connected with 21 arcs - 4 equals - quick cast - crit chance - electric wear - blood magic
Thieves Blood Selection - Skills - Skills

Hide at DPS and killing Figure 3 ball DPS situation
Aura - electric hand + reactance + Lightning Falls, 79% reacted to the yuan anti-blame will not be seconds, 75% bad luck will be paralyzed... Read More

Path Of Exile 2 will be released in 2020
Posted On 11/19/2019 00:33:13 by Cadencealida

After years of continuous improvement, the role-playing game (RPG) Path of Exile has officially become the mainstay of PC games, and has achieved great success. More importantly, he is still a free game. For many players, he has officially replaced Diablo as the first grimdark monster-mashing loot fest, and according to official news, he will officially get a sequel.

"Path of Exile 2" announced at the ExileCon conference in New Zealand that it was originally a major update to the f... Read More

ExileCon released the announcement of Path of Exile 2 on the spot
Posted On 11/16/2019 00:42:44 by Cadencealida

Grinding Gear Games announced the sequel to its popular dungeon-crawling action role-playing game, The Path of Exile. "Path of Exile 2" was shown at ExileCon and released the first trailer for the game. You can view the trailer on the official website of the Path of Exile, and browse our website to view more information about the Path of Exile, or Buy Poe Currency at a very low price.

The trailer first escapes its execution by the lending hero, then transitions to the traditional t... Read More

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