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Trade Secret
Posted On 11/28/2019 07:52:14 by chloebailey

Keeping confidentiality is an essential issue in the modern business world. Employers set their sights on maintaining the secrecy of the valuable information. It gives them the possibility to be competitive in their markets and have a stable economic value of their products and processes. Keeping trade secrets is an important direction if managerial work, which requi... Read More

How to Write an Essay Introduction
Posted On 11/26/2019 07:53:29 by Ashon

The introduction is the face of your paper. The readers can judge on the quality of the main part of the work by its wording, the correctness of the structure and format, as well as its compliance with the requirements. Everyone always pays a lot of attention to the introduction of the work. Therefore, it should be perfect.


The structure of the introduction may vary in different universities or colleges, but the required elements are the relevance of the research topic, g... Read More

Compare Shopping Online with Traditional Shopping
Posted On 11/05/2019 03:33:54 by emilystafford

Trade is an essential part of the modern world. The technological progress has influenced different spheres of social life and shopping as well. The Internet represents a new type of shopping – e-shopping with a lot of benefits. Although it gives more abilities to customers, traditional shopping is also still popular. Traditional and online shopping has both ad... Read More

How to remain focused while studying and to avoid distractions?
Posted On 11/04/2019 05:43:11 by Makemepass


With technological advancements, distractions are everywhere. We want to stay focused while studying but it just doesn’t quite happen that way. And in order to score well, we must give our undivided attention to our books.

I think it’s safe to say that Albert Einstein had far fewer distractions back then which is why he knew how to get the most out of his hours unlike us where we are constantly distracted by our cellphones,... Read More

Thesis and Abstract Writing
Posted On 10/24/2019 02:41:43 by Martin111

Novice researchers who begin work on a thesis always have a lot of questions about the writing methodology and rules of its formatting. Sometimes, it is not easy to find the answers because the methodological literature is not enough. Even if you can get it, the information you found may be essentially outdated.

All this adversely affects the scientific activity of learners who are not able to realize their opportunities. The guidelines describe a number of problems that a graduate stu... Read More

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