Title: How to Tell Fake Gucci Bags?
Blog Entry: The Gucci bag is famous for its unique design and best quality. However, today's fashion industry is almost full of copy products of almost all high -end fashion manufacturers. You will find that these fake companies make money by selling fake products. The same is true of Gucci bags, because many companies in the market copy their products and earn huge foreign exchange. Therefore, whenever you buy a Gucci bag, you want to make sure you spend money on real products. Unfortunately, it may be very difficult to do this, because some replicas becomes very difficult to distinguish, except for authentic Gucci bags. Know how to find a fake Gucci bag will help you buy the original bag confidently. 1. Always buy Gucci bags from retail stores Except for Gucci's licensed retailers, don't believe in other stores. Don't expect a primitive Gucci bag every second or third store, because they only place the product in only a few licensed sockets. 2. Check the label on the bag The original Gucci bag contains a neat and clean label with "Made in Italy." If you find a so -called Gucci bag with labels and say it is made elsewhere, then it is definitely a fake Gucci bag . 3. Please pay attention to the logo of the Gucci bag Check the logo of the Gucci bag closely. There should be a double "G" logo on the internal zipper of the bag and its authenticity certificate. In addition, you must carefully observe the logo of the bag. Don't forget that the logo of the original Gucci bag contains two "G" of interoperability, while the fake Gucci bag contains two "E" locking. 4. Observe the material of the bag The primitive Gucci bag is purely made of flawless exquisite leather. Bags with leather fragments or low -quality leather materials are clear signs of fake Gucci bags . 5. Cover the authenticity certificate The original Gucci bag contains four to six digits serial numbers. What you have to do now is to match the authenticity certificate of the Gucci bag. If you find that they are similar, then it must be an authentic Gucci bag. Otherwise, you have the right to ask questions about its authenticity. 6. Research on the stitching of Gucci bags The Gucci bag is handmade without any loose end. The smooth stitching and sturdy materials are signs of the real Gucci bag, and the performance of the stitching, bending and bonding materials is undoubtedly an unreal Gucci bag. 7. Point out the hardware of the bag Check all the hardware of the Gucci bag, including buttons, external and internal zippers, buttons, handles, etc. If you find that the accessories are durable and slightly heavy, buy the bag in a happy way because it is an authentic Gucci bag. On the other hand, cheap and fragile hardware is the logo of copying pockets. 8. Ensure that the Gucci bag is equipped with high -quality Duster Don't even think of a real GUCCI bag without the best quality duster. Bags without Duster will obviously be fake Gucci handbag . 9. The price label of the research bag Study the price of the bag; the Gucci bag is undoubtedly expensive because they provide you with the best quality products. The range of Real GUCCI bags is between 290 pounds and more than 1,500 pounds. Bags with a price of less than $ 100 can be replica.