Title: How to Identify a Replica of Prada Bag?
Blog Entry: Because the designer's things are good for ordinary items, today, a large number of different brands of replicas are landing. However, one of the most target brands is Prada. Initially, Prada was established by two Italian brothers Mario Prada and Martino in 1913. At that time, leather products were only designed and manufactured, but over time, Prada became one of the leading brand experts in designing high -quality high -quality men's and women's accessories, such as shoes, ready -made clothing, bags and many other things. One of the most well-known products is Prada handbags. You may find thousands of duplicate products in the local market. So if you plan to buy one; you should know the difference between the original version and forgery. The following guidelines will help you discover a fake Prada handbag . 1.TAG: The original PRADA bag was bidd in metal materials, which were embossed on it. If the material is anything else, such as plastic things other than metal, or the print version that can only be said to be labeled. This situation will also be regarded as fake designer handbag . 2. Cost: The most obvious thing you must look like is the cost. If you get a product in $ 100 or 200, then this is definitely fake bag , because the price range ranges from 700 to 4,000 US dollars. However, please check the price on the online website for confirmation. 3. Primitive Prada Lineli: The original Prada bag is packed in black lining inside. You can also see the Prada logo on the lining. If the lining is printed in any other color, even if it is black, there may be no Prada logo at all. In this regard, the product will be considered a fake designer bag . 4. Packaging: The original Prada bag is packed in a high -quality dust bag and has a real card. All real cards have product serial numbers and print them on it. Find the packaging quality mentioned above. If you find anything other than this packaging, the package is definitely considered replica handbag . 5. Sewing: The designer bag is considered the best because they have clean stitching, because the quality is considered one of the most important aspects of brand product manufacturing. Therefore, when the original Prada bag is perfect, remote and small sutures, please find the stitching carefully. Fake sutures may be very obvious in disorderly mode.